Network Planning

visco combines planning expertise with experience in implementing telecommunication networks, both in wide area networks and in the "last mile".

We have over four decades of experience with tried-and-tested copper cable networks, fibre optic backbone routes for telecommunications network operators, broadband cable networks and the latest FTTX network architecture in Europe.

  • Definition of task
  • Actual state analysis
  • Initial network plan
  • Register of quantities and services
  • Approval planning

Our considerable experience in constructing broadband networks sets us apart. We know what is required in each individual planning phase.

Andre Breitkreuz,
Network Plannig

We maintain an overview during every phase of project planning.

Professional planning is the basis for running a project smoothly. 


FTTC, FTTB, FTTH connections for clients or backbone networks - in other words, a wide range of planning requirements. We meet the challenges.