Projects are becoming increasingly complex, deadlines ever tighter – visco is responding to this challenge and offers its clients a complete package of solutions for planning civil engineering, laying cables, installation, measurement and record keeping. All of our departments have many years experience of working with each other and our employees are thoroughly familiar with the processes. Knowledge acquired over decades and across departments make it possible for us to implement the best possible time and cost savings.



  • Superior project management
  • In-house teams with accumulated expertise
  • Optimal coordination of all works
  • No interface problems
  • One contact person

We are currently constructing FTTH networks in Denmark (since 2004), Switzerland (since 2009) and Luxembourg (since 2010). In Germany we have also for many years installed FTTC and FTTB/H networks for diverse public utilities and network providers in projects of varying scale. The large number of projects carried out in every conceivable form have made visco one of the most experienced FTTX providers in Germany and neighbouring countries – both in providing complete development (turnkey) solutions and as a partner in various sectors of network development 

Of course, we also implement wide-area networks (backbone networks) to meet your very own technological, logistic, personnel and equipment-related challenges. 

visco also has the right solutions on hand for any special requirements. Whether laying a submarine cable across a reservoir, cabling along rail lines, through tunnels or over bridges, or simply when a special construction technique such as wash drilling, milling or ploughing is required. Our range of solutions also includes the removal of existing copper cables to make way for new cable routes.